The intention of The Carriage House project is to create a reliable source of revenue for the purpose of saving horses. The other day a friend of mine asked, why do horses need to be rescued? The truth is, each year nearly 140,000 horses are shipped across U. S. borders into Canada and Mexico for slaughter. Most of these horses are less than eight years old, in and are in good health. But with the economic downturn, massive over breeding, demand for horse meat in many foreign countries, and lack of land available for herds there are simply more horses than there are homes. What happens is these horses get sold at auctions for less than $100. “Kill Buyers” scour the auctions across the US and subsequently purchase and transport them in overcrowded trailers for days without food and water. Upon arrival, they are put to death by an electric bolt gun that shoots a metal piece the size of a quarter into their brain. Because horses are head shy and most of the workers are not equine professionals, the process can be repeated several times creating a horrendously prolonged and cruel death.

The Carriage House was purchased in March 2012 by an ex-racehorse jockey and partner who is also involved with horses. The Carriage House provides the opportunity to connect people with rescues and each guest has the option of receiving a letter detailing which horse rescue their money funded.

The Carriage House began as a home for the people who took care of horses, and in the same tradition, guests of the historic home today should also be viewed in the same light.

Every night that you stay at The Carriage House helps the horses have a home.